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Nick Kyrgios Says He's Thrown Tennis Matches When The Celtics Have Suffered Soul Crushing Losses

I'm not sure there's anything in the world Nick Kyrgios cares more about than the Boston Celtics. Tennis, his girlfriend, money? Nope, the Celtics trump all. If you follow him on social he'll be tweeting about C's games right before he steps on court for a match. On the road wherever he is in the world he finds a way to watch the Celtics. 

Well, now we found out he actually throws matches when they suffer soul crushing losses. Here's the full quote from today's SI article on him

Earlier this summer, I asked Kyrgios whether his obsessive fandom for the Boston Celtics had any carryover to his tennis. He started laughing before speaking and said this: “I’ve literally thrown tennis matches if they’ve lost in like, double overtime. If someone plays me and they know the Celtics have lost, that’s [their] chance. That is for sure your best chance [to beat me], to play me on that day.” If this were any other player, an admission of throwing a match, or “tanking” in tennis parlance—a cardinal sin and fineable offense—would make for A1 news. But with Kyrgios, it’s just Nick being Nick. (source)

I'm sure people are gonna shit on him saying that but honestly, relatable. If the Yankees have a brutal stretch like the one they just had you don't wanna be around me. My mood swings depend heavily on the success of that team. Mom knows to delay that phone call to check in until they get back in the right direction. The dishes? They pile up in the sink when the Yankees don't win games. I have no will to do anything when they're on a slide. Feel like that goes for a majority of die hard fans, including tennis star Nick Kyrgios. Sports are so incredibly stupid, but they literally control our lives for some reason. 

I'm just mad I haven't picked up on this yet in terms of financial gain. On June 10th the Celtics lost Game 4 of the NBA Finals to the Warriors when Steph Curry dragged his balls all across the city of Boston. The next morning? Kyrgios lost in the semfinals of Stuttgart to Andy Murray in straight sets. With the way Nick has played this year and Murray being washed up these days, that result should never happen the way it did. Now we have an idea why. 

Heads up, the Aussie Open is right in the middle of the NBA season. We best be attentive to any traumatic Celtics losses. For next week's US Open though Nick's matches are safe from being thrown.