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Charles Barkley Rips Kevin Durant Calling Him "Mr. Miserable" And Basically Says His Entire Career Is A Failure

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Hey KD…

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I'm not sure how KD comes back from this one folks. He's had many nicknames over the years from Slim Reaper to Easy Money Sniper to Durantula to The Servant but I'm not sure how he shakes Mr. Miserable. Chuck really got him there. Get it? Because Durant is apparently never happy no matter what basketball situation he's in. What a dagger.

Here's the thing though, I don't get why people still do this with Durant talking about how he's not "proven" or that he hasn't had success as the best player. Is Chuck trying to make the case that because he didn't win a title in OKC or BKN? If that's true, does he feel the same way about himself? What title did Chuck win when he was the best player and leader? It just feels more like KD is an easy target for this type of shit and it makes no sense to me. That OKC team made a Finals, that's pretty hard to do last time I checked.

Also, why do people try and pretend like his GS years didn't exist? OK, if you want to argue that Steph Curry was the best player on that team (which I'm not sure I agree with), who won those back to back Finals MVPs again doing shit like this?


Durant was AWESOME in those Finals. In 2017 he put up 30/8/5 on 55/47% splits and never had a game under 31 points. In 2018 it was 28.8/10.8/7.5 on 52/40% splits. That seems….pretty good no? Some might say he had success on the biggest stage no? I get it, maybe you're someone who wants to discredit those performances and those rings because the Warriors were a superteam, but we don't do that with any other players on superteams right? Do we discredit the LeBron Heat titles? Do people say LeBron hasn't had success? For some reason it's all you hear when it comes to Durant, even from legends like Chuck. That kind of fucked up in my opinion. 

Now I won't sit here and defend what he did this summer with his trade demand and all that bullshit, but that doesn't somehow discredit everything he's accomplished in his career. I just don't get why Durant is held to this weird standard where he has to take a dogshit team to a title and anything but that doesn't mean shit. Nobody looked at Steph any differently because Durant helped him win those titles, but everyone looks at Durant differently because he had Steph to help win those titles. Seems kind of contradictory to me.

You just know Chuck would never describe himself or his career this way, which is what makes the whole thing so strange. Feels more like he's just piling on what you see Twitter trolls say in hopes that KD responds to them, which is actually kind of sad.