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The Reds Refuse To Win On The Field So Instead They Go Apeshit On Philly Fans In The Stands

Hey, Jake Fraley... 

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I'm sure you're a decent ballplayer (career 1.0 WAR!) and an OK dude, but you play on a team that is currently 48-75. You've just been swept by the Philadelphia Phillies in a 4 game series and are only 1.5 games above the God forsaken Pirates for last place in the NL Central. Please don't take out your current disgust of life on these innocent Brotherly Love bystanders. I'd be angry, too, but come on man. You even got the wrong guy, bro. Just be civilized, Jake, and we'll be civilized back. Maybe. 

Onward and upward. The Phillies are 2nd place in the Wildcard and now welcome those same God forsaken Pirates into South Philly. Happy Bryce Harper Day to all those who observe. 


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