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Classic! Two Drunk Marines Dine & Dash At Waffle House & Proceed To Vandalize Helicopter

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Some people think of the USMC like that commercial where they're all perfect in their Dress Blues, and that the behavior of Marines is covered & aligned on the rules at all times. And sure, (semi)overwhelmingly Marines are out there doing the right things each day… but my God they've got an expert ability to fuck up when they so choose. 

To put it into perspective - picture a sea of college dorms that is 90% eighteen-year-old dudes with nothing but their first steady paychecks, time on their hands, & several dozen cases of booze, and this is all of them:

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We've got a perfect example on today's ZeroBlog30, and stellar security footage to back it up:

Exhibit A (via City of Havelock PD):

Exhibit B, BOLD move wearing the USMC hoodie:

Exhibit C, the precursor to A & B (where they wound up causing over $1K in damage), which makes a lot of sense because if you're dine-and-dashing a Waffle House it's 100% certain the rest of your evening is only going to spiral into debauchery from there:

Spoiler alert: They ended up getting identified and caught (no shit), but for a brief moment in time Pfc. William J. West and Lance Cpl. Andrew E. Carranza were living their best lives. 

You can hear the rest about their wild evening & how it all went down on the latest ZeroBlog30 at 1:03:00:

Also on the show we've got The Integrity Draft of our biggest pet peeves after getting out of the military (slow walkers, quiet talkers, aghhhh!) and an interview with commentator David Feherty, one of the latest transfers to the LIV golf circuit.