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Anything For The Team: Someone Stole A 10 Foot Statue Of Erling Haaland Because Fans Were Pissed It Didn't Look Like Him

[Source] - It had pride of place 50ft above a store in his home town of Bryne, Norway.

But a thief — suspected to be a disgruntled fan — used a crane to grab it at night.

Businessman Tore Sivertsen spent £10,000 commissioning the statue saluting City’s £85.5million signing. Even he conceded it was ugly.

It was hoisted into place two weeks ago and Mr Sivertsen planned to auction it to help fund a hospital in Tanzania until it suddenly vanished early on Wednesday.

I love this move so much. Anyone can go and say they are a fan of a team or a player. This guy or gal took matter into their own hands. Everyone agreed this statue was awful and looked nothing like Erling Haaland. So what do they do? Just round up a crane and go snag a 10 foot statue. That's not exactly like stealing a shirt. The person here - who we will not call a criminal - was just driving around Norway with this thing. 

I need to know the backstory here. This is up there with the Lufthansa heist. A brilliant plan that had zero flaws. No one knows where this thing could be. No one is even going to look for it. Everyone in Norway is protecting their baby boy because this statue is ugly as shit. 

How about this ricochet shot though? 

“Some have complained it’s too ugly though, let’s face it, Erling is not a pretty guy. But I was still shocked that someone decided to steal it."

Christ almighty dude. This is your pride and joy. You can't be calling the man ugly. I mean at least say it nicer than 'he's not a pretty guy.' First off, guys aren't pretty. Girls are. No guy has ever been called pretty. I can't think of one pretty guy. Can think of numerous pretty girls. And there's a difference. Hot, beautiful, pretty, all mean something different. Save that one for a blog because pictures do pageviews. I digress.

All I know is this guy is a hero in Norway. Both Haaland and the man who stole the statue.