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It Appears McDonald’s Rebooted The Hamburglar As A Woman In A White Dress That Shoves Burgers Into Her Bra

Did McDonald's just reboot The Hamburglar in real life as a woman in a white dress? Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset about a childhood icon being rebranded to match the social climate in 2022. That's fine. To be honest, I saw The Hamburglar a while back and he wasn't looking too hot.

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What's really important here is whether McDonald's just rebooted The Hamburglar or if they are bringing the rest of the Mickey D's gang back in an updated fashion. I'm not sure if we can have anything as entertaining as Lady Hamburglar throwing burgers into her bra, which is the perfect crime because no McDonald's employee is going to reach in there to grab some a bunch of all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun that are wedged between your titties. This guy knows what I'm talking about.

But maybe we can embrace this new PG-13 look for the Golden Arches by having Ronald McDonald transformed as a scary clown that's closer to Pennywise than Bozo, Mayor McCheese rebooted as a corrupt politician that will rubber stamp bills to whoever gives him the most cheddar, and Grimace reimagined as a lean but mean reformed big fella much like Al Roker.

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Or they can just bring back Chicken Selects or at the very least the Snack Wrap. That will be fine too.