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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has Been Cast In The Upcoming Season Of 'The Boys' And That's A Win For Everyone

Frazer Harrison. Getty Images.

Coming off the heels of an incredible season 3, The Boys faces another challenge of installing a new character to the madness. In Season 2 we saw the inclusion of Stormfront and Victoria Neuman. Season 3 brought us the incredible Soldier Boy who improved every scene he was featured in. It's so hard to add a major player to the game with the machine already in motion but Eric Lripke continues to thrive with the task. Next up to the plate? 

Two words — HOME RUN 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was born to be part of 'The Boys.' You obviously know him best for his role as Negan in 'The Walking Dead' but don't sleep on him playing The Comedian in Watchmen. Jeffrey Dean Morgan makes everything better with his involvement no question about it. 

So what's his role going to be? With Queen Maeve and Soldier Boy expected to take a back seat for S4, there's rumors Morgan will be playing Tek Knight. Who is Tek Knight? Basically a parody version of Iron Man, having to operate a high tech suit to make up for not having compound V in his system.  A maniac asshole flying around in his fancy Iron Man suit? Sign me up. 

Any direction they take him will surely be incredible. Just getting this man in the mix is a win for me. He's the man. His story about buying a candy store with Paul Rudd is pretty cool if you wanna check that out.