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Sly Stallone's Wife Divorces Him Over Rottweiler Named Dwight & Then Covers Tattoo Of Her Face With, Butkus, The Dog From The Rocky Films

Dang... After nearly 30 years together & 25 years of marriage what on Earth could possibly put Sylvester Stallone in the... *~DOG HOUSE~* with soon-to-be ex-wife Jennifer Flavin so badly she'd file for divorce?

Via The Mercury News:

Flavin, 54, was angry that Stallone, 76, went ahead and purchased a Rottweiler — to use for “protection” for his family, he said — even though she was emphatic that she didn’t want another dog, sources told TMZ Wednesday, soon after news broke that Flavin had filed for divorce. 

Both were unwilling to compromise on the dog, TMZ reported. The “Rocky” star might have inflamed tensions by posting photos and videos of himself with his new Rottweiler, whom he named Dwight. On Instagram he said he named Dwight in honor of the crime boss he plays on the new TV series, “Tulsa King.” 

Apparently tensions were already high and sources are saying Dwight was the final straw. The poor dog must feel terrible. 

Giphy Images.


My desk-neighbor Glenny Balls introduced me to this story with so much glee & enthusiasm I knew I had to blog it (he's got a Rottweiler named Maddie, a ceramic Rottweiler statue on his desk & generally loves them, so this one must have hit him with extra glee & understanding on Sly's behalf). And honestly smiling Dwight & tattoo Butkus may be my favorite images circulating on the internet right now:

Sad to see anyone split, especially after so long, but in terms of Hollywood drama this is just delightfully absurd. Also, not as interesting, but it maaaay be more than just canines that lead to this.

According to the court filing, Flavin claims that,

“..the Husband has engaged in the intentional dissipation, depletion and/or waste of marital assets which has had an adverse economic impact on the marital estate."

AKA, she believes Stallone's been skimping out on her & hiding assets in anticipation of a divorce (is how I understand this at least). 

And ok, no mention of Dwight or Butkus at all, anywhere in those filings, so I must also disclose that Stallone has since spoken out saying the divorce wasn't over a dog in any way… but for sick, personal entertainment reasons I refuse to believe that. Comforting to know that however things turn out, Rocky will have Butkus forever now.