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The Dolphins Are Literally Shitting Themselves In Fear Of Having To Practice Against The Eagles Again

The Eagles are currently in Miami practicing with the Dolphins. Typically joint practices will always have a little animosity to them, but all these guys know it's just practice and they have a real job to do in a few weeks. It may get heated every now and then, but guys aren't looking to ruin any careers out there. 

The issue, however, is that the Miami beat reporters decided to poke the bear. They decided to awake the beast. They went ahead and pissed off AJ Brown. 


That's an ill-advised idea at best, especially when AJ Brown was already putting Xavien Howard in the blender earlier in the day. 

Yikes. And that's before AJ Brown felt disrespected. Just imagine the pure carnage that would ensue when he's trying to prove a point to the Miami beats. The Dolphins would have to cut all their corners by the end of the day. They'd all be out of a job and dusting off those resumes. So instead of taking the risk and having to go up against AJ Brown and the Eagles again today…

The Dolphins cancelled practice. On account of the whole team shitting themselves in fear. 

Can't blame them one bit. Imagine how tired they had to be this morning, too. It's hard to get a good night's rest when you know the boogeyman is just waiting right outside your door. 

Either way, tally that up as another joint practice win for the Birds. There's not stopping this team, baby. Birds' year.  


Sidenote: We need a race between Tyreek Hill and Devon Allen before the week is over.