Well, This Sucks - Chet Holmgren Is Officially Going To Miss The ENTIRE Season After Getting Hurt 1 Minute Into A Pro-Am

This fucking sucks man. It's not shocking after the news from yesterday with his foot injury: 

Again, here's the play: 

Fucking LeBron. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again. The worst part from a fan standpoint of watching this happen is all the shitty takes of people claiming their 'wins' that they knew Chet would get hurt. It's a freak play and also the first time he's been injured in his career. He didn't miss games in high school or his year at Gonzaga. This is the first major injury and it happened at the worst time. 

But if there is a silver lining for Thunder fans. The tank is on for Victor. It's a Sam Presti special to tank and load up on young talent. Obviously they don't want their No. 2 pick and a guy who can win a Defensive Player of the Year to get hurt, it just helps lead for the ping pong balls for this guy: 


Now here's the fear. Foot injuries, especially for bigs are daggers. There's a long line of history of big men with bad feet that have had their careers ruined/ended short. You can go back to Bill Walton and Sam Bowie. You can look at role players like Todd MacCulloch who only played 4 years because of a foot injury. I'm not saying Chet's career is over because that'd be dumb, just there's a history of this. 

Like I said, it just sucks. You're talking about the No. 2 pick. You're talking about a guy that can make a difference on the defensive side and a unique player offensively. Don't think anyone could sum it up better than our own Alex Bennett.