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Let's Go Eat A Goddamn Snack: Rex Ryan Is Competing On This Season Of The Amazing Race

[Source] - Ryan, 59, is partnered with his golf buddy Tim Mann, a 41-year-old probation officer from Brentwood, Tenn. to make up “Team T-Rex.” They’ll make up one of 12 pairs — including long lost twins, former NFL cheerleaders, ballroom dancers, motivational speakers, according to Entertainment Weekly — competing in a race around the world with a $1 million prize.

“Where our story kinda started was, his love for the Buffalo Bills,” Ryan said in a promo video with Mann. “And the fact that I failed miserably as the coach of the Buffalo Bills.”

Hell yes. I've talked about it before but I love The Amazing Race. One of my favorite reality shows. I'm a sucker for basically any sort of reality show and especially trivia shows. But I digress. Actually let me plug this quick first. I like The Amazing Race so much I broke down what co-worker I'd win with. It was a no-brainer. 

But now we have a wrinkle. Rex Ryan competing? That's a bit of a fear factor in terms of having a name there. Sure, I have questions about his endurance and ability to do shit like bungee jump and things like that. But I'm intrigued. The man has to know how to get around based on his time with football. He knows how to plan. There's an advantage there for sure. 

Him and his partner have a great name though. Team T-Rex. It works. It's the downfall of the show for sure. I struggle with all the corny stuff like names and getting excited. But Team T-Rex is second only behind this one: 

So mean to throw in the slash there. Hilarious, but mean. 

All I know is I can't wait for this season now. Rex brings something to the show. He'll for sure get a bunch of corny jokes and people talking to him, but I want to see him game plan. Can't have him eliminated on the first week. I want to see him figure out how to get around the world and run. Mostly want to see him run. 

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