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Can't Stop, Won't Stop: The Saints Are Getting Ready For The Falcons In Week 1 By .... Making 28-3 Jokes At All Times

At first I thought this was kind of lame and played out. However, the Saints are a little different. They fucking hate the Falcons and troll them at all times. Shit, it's even true with their escalators: 

The reason I don't think it's lame? I want rivalries. I know that word tends to stay more in the college sports world, but pro sports need rivalries. I want trolling like we're back in college. I want things that seem so stupid yet it's almost a battle cry. The way the Saints treat 28-3, you'd think they won the Super Bowl. Nope, that was the Pats. They just want to make fun of the Falcons. 

Just keep leaning all the way in. Don't stop at practice. Send out captains that wear 28 and 3. Play the highlights during warm-ups. Do anything and everything to keep leaning into it. I enjoy when teams talk shit to each other. You got a couple of weeks until the start of the season so get the creative team in the lab and get to work.