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It Sounds Like Bronny James Will Be Making His First College Visit To Ohio State For The Notre Dame Game Next Week

Well geez, I haven't been stuck between a rock and hard place this badly since.....July 11, 2014

Obviously, the benefits of getting Bronny James at Ohio State would be immaculate. The brand, the excitement, the nationally televised games, the recruiting, the NIL opportunities, etc, etc etc will all exponentially explode if he chose the Buckeyes. The ceiling will be the roof in Columbus. But at what cost?

The cost to me: Accepting LeBron James back into my life. I hated him when he left the first time, lying to a child from Northeast Ohio (me) that grew up idolizing the self-proclaimed King. Driving all across the map to get a glimpse of the Choosen One. Carrying the Sports Illustrated cover with me from city to city, hoping to get it signed by my hero. He promised me that he had one goal, and that was to bring a championship to the city of Cleveland, and he wouldn't stop until that was done. Well, he stopped for 4 years. He took the easy way out, and 2016 doesn't make me feel any better about it. I am OUT on LeBron James. 

Bringing Bronny to Ohio State means that I will have to join the rest of the masses in Ohio, those that had no problem their wives cheated on them for 4 years. At least they came back! So yeah, you could say I'm still up in the air if I want the kid...

Regardless, that is a bridge we will cross when we get there. The fact of the matter is that right now, it appears THE Ohio State will be Bronny's first visit. Most sources are saying he's "eyeing" a visit, but folks, credit Ohio's Tate of Barstool Sports. I'm saying he's going. The first reason being because whether it be a Buckeyes, Browns (when they're good), Cowboys (when they're good), Yankees (when they're good), or Guardians (when they're good) game, LeBron James likes to let the world know he's their biggest fans. LeBron James will be at this game, 100%. So how could he not bring his son, who is being recruited by the basketball team? Is he going to come back later, maybe for the Iowa game? 

And number two, this tweet has me sure he'll be there.

Luke Montgomery is an All-American offensive line recruit for the Buckeyes, and there's only one way to interpret this tweet. All eyes on the King (LeBron/Bronny), magnet (recruiting/bringing them to) buckeye nut (Ohio State).

That's how you solve a riddle, folks. See you in Columbus, James Gang.

And Bronny, watch this before you come: