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Jacoby Brissett Made It Very Clear: He Is Nothing Like Deshaun Watson

Well, I know there's still 4 months left in the calendar year, but I'm pretty sure we have our unanimous winner for the Most Loaded Quote of 2022 award. There's so many different things this can mean and ways you can interpret this, so I guess we just gotta chalk this up as a classic "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" situation. Take it however you want it.

Sure, Browns fans will say that Jacoby is simply answering this stupid question in terms of athleticism and talent. And accuracy and arm strength and all of the other attributes that contribute to being an elite quarterback. Of course he is not Deshaun Watson, who is a clear as day Top 5 QB in the NFL when not on suspension or refusing to play for his team, while Jacoby is a widely accepted above average backup. And of course, he could also be talking about money, where Jacoby is making $4.5 million while Deshaun is raking in a modest $230 million guaranteed. Those are the obvious answers, and this video was simply taken out of context to try and get clicks, which it is doing. That is the side of the fence that I fall on.



Is there any chance this is a diabolical cheap shot? A politically correct way to let everyone know he in fact does not need to meet with 66 different massage therapists over a course of 17 months. That he didn't need to bring his own special towel to drape over himself. That he, in fact, is not a sexual predator. 

I don't think that's what Jacoby meant....but the intensity of his immediate laugh afterwards, I must admit is a little suspicious.