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Big Trouble In Big D: Cowboys LT Tyron Smith Is Likely Out For The Season After Tearing His Hamstring Off The Goddamn Bone

Well it looks like my annual preposterously headlined Big Trouble In Big D blog is going up before the regular season starts. I always say that nothing good comes out of preseason and I imagine the millions of Cowboys fans have watched that 8 second video on loop, like a certain other famous Dallas video that Darren Rovell would tweet out at 7 AM on a Friday morning, all feel the same. As a Giants fan that has seen what bad left tackle play can do to a football team, let me just say pray for Dak, pray for Zeke, and pray for the entire Cowboys offense if not team. 

Even if Tyron Smith hasn't been named to an All-Pro team since 2016, I'm sure everyone in Dallas slept better on Saturday night knowing he was in charge of blocking whatever superhuman was lined up across from him on the blind side before going to wherever the hell the Pro Bowl is being held these days. At least Jerruh seems to be handling the news well.

Now the Cowboys will have to start playing offensive line musical chairs before Week 1 even gets here, which almost always ends in heartbreak. However with the right coaching, they can probably figure things out since I'm convinced old Cowboys O-Line coach Bill Callahan could turn me and four other fat guys here at Barstool into at least a passable blocking unit. 

Who is Dallas' offensive line coach these days anyway?

Hand up, I had no clue Joe Philbin was still coaching football let alone in charge of the offensive line of America's alleged Team after going on his rant about gum wrappers on Hard Knocks back when he was Dolphins coach. I guess you learn something new every day! Anyway, best of luck to Joe getting a line into shape on an offense that just lost its left tackle for months and was already banged up at wide receiver. Looks like Mike McCarthy may have to start smashing watermelons in the preseason to turn things around.