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WATCH: Amazing Footage Of Leon Edwards Practicing The Exact Head Kick That Won Him The UFC Championship


Well, well, well - would you look at that? While the miracle head kick Leon Edwards landed on Saturday to knock out Kamaru Usman WAS a one-in-a-million shot, it certainly wasn't a fluke by any means. That was a perfect read by Leon's coaches prior to the fight, and an even more perfect execution by "Rocky" while exhausted and on the brink of defeat. I'm still buzzing over it, honestly.

We did a whole Spinnin Backfist MMA Show on it yesterday and basically just geeked out over how amazing the moment was for an hour....

Back to the above video, though - I absolutely love shit like this in MMA. There's plenty of famous examples, like Conor McGregor practicing the left hook at knocked Jose Aldo out in 13 seconds....


Or Jorge Masvidal rehearsing the running knee that sent Ben Askren to the shadow realm the NIGHT BEFORE the fight….

….but this Edwards one belongs in the Hall of Fame right there with em. 

Considering the stakes, circumstances, how the fight was going, and what everyone expected going into it, I truly believe Leon Edwards landed one of the greatest knockouts of all time this past Saturday. Even tho I still can't actually believe it happened.

You just can't help but feel happy for the guy tho - that is, unless you're Jorge Masvidal….

P.S. This straight up Jordan-esque photo of Edwards after the fight is an ALL TIMER!