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Welp There's 'Fear' That Chet Holmgren Suffered Ligament Damage In His Foot After 1 Minute In A Pro-Am

Here's the play where Chet got hurt: 


And here it goes. Chet Holmgren, the No. 2 pick, and most polarizing prospect in quite some time might be out for the year. It sucks. I'm a big Chet fan. His defensive ability translates the moment he steps onto the NBA court. That's just a fact. However, all people wanted to do was talk about his weight and how he'd never hold up. This doesn't help! Neither does this picture. 

Everyone assumes this means this will happen in an NBA game. Let's not forget this Pro-Am was called off early because of shitty conditions. Worth mentioning. 

The worst part of this all is people will claim they were right about Chet because of this. It's a shitty outcome for a guy who I wanted to see in the NBA. Those are some of the worst people. It's a freak injury. This sort of injury isn't because he's slender. He went up to block a shot and landed weird. If he get ran over, sure. But he challenged at the rim. Shit happens. 

Now we gotta wonder about something here. 

The Alex Bennett curse. Gotta wonder if her win at RnR is the curse for the Thunder. 

Dominating Cupcake and this is how the world pays her back? Proving Kirk wrong and this is what happens to Chet? Just something to ponder. 

Again, this fucking sucks. We're talking about a No. 2 pick on a team that desperately needs something. Sure, they were going to tank for Victor anyways. But Chet's fun as shit to watch. Now we wait and see but ligament damage in the foot is never a good thing to hear.