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WATCH: Oneil Cruz Hit The Hardest Ball Ever Recorded By Statcast At 122.4 MPH

Pittsburgh Pirates fans haven't had much to cheer about in 2022, but at least they get to watch Oneil Cruz do stuff like hit the hardest ball that's ever been tracked. Cruz lined a ball off the right field wall at 122.4 miles per hour on Wednesday, the highest exit velocity recorded by Statcast — it would have been a home run in 24 ballparks.

Despite his crazy tools, Cruz actually hasn't had the rookie year you might think based on some of his highlights, hitting .198/.249/.401 with a 77 wRC+ entering today's game. But if and when Cruz puts it all together, he's going to be a problem. He's 6'7" and hits, throws and runs as hard as anyone in the big leagues.

In addition to now having the hardest hit ball tracked by Statcast, Cruz also recorded the fastest throw by an infielder last month at 97.8 MPH.

Once he gets enough time in the Majors under his belt, Cruz will be something special to watch.