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I Am Going To Need Paul Finebaum To Shut The Fuck Up About Notre Dame Forever

I know people hate Notre Dame. I understand a lot of the reasons too. I think there are some valid claims to hate the Irish both past and present. What I am so fucking tired of are the simply FALSE narratives about the football program perpetuated by people from the South (except Brandon Walker, oddly. He's been fair with ND). 

The #1 claim is that the Irish are always overrated. They always start too high in the preseason poll because media members and coaches are apparently blinded by the sun reflecting off of those glittering gold helmets. Well, if Finebaum or anyone else stopped to look at facts they'd see that ND is actually almost NEVER overrated. They might just be...appropriately rated. 

That is 4 out of 5 years where the Irish finished higher than what people thought in August and the one year they finished lower was 2019. That year ND lost by less than a touchdown between the hedges in Athens against the #3 ranked Georgia and got their doors blown off in a monsoon in Ann Arbor. A pretty good year. Just one of the five double digit win totals the Irish have had for the last 5 years. Not many programs can claim that, but the haters have bullshit for that too. 

The second most common attack is that ND doesn't play anyone. Pattenly false

They've had a home and home with Georgia, they've played Clemson, they have Ohio State to open the season this year, Michigan almost every year. Notre Dame's biggest problem with their schedule is that USC has been in the shitter, Texas went into the shitter when ND scheduled them, and both FSU and Miami who were supposed to be in the rototation of "power" ACC opponents also went to shit. That is hardly Notre Dame's fault and if those historically strong programs had looked like normal then ND's schedule would've been top 5 basically every year while they were winning 10+ games and making multiple playoff runs. 

No, they aren't on the level with Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and Clemson over the last 5 years, but they're definitely the 5th program behind those power 4. They're getting better all the time. They should go into the Horseshoe on 9/3 ready to fucking compete because they can. If you hate ND and think they're not worthy of a playoff spot in a given year then fine. Come up with better reasons than the lazy lies people say. This program is climbing all the time and I can't wait for the uNDefeated blog to write itself. Chapter 1: In Ohio