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I Don't Think There's Anyone In The World I Hate More Than Adam Neumann, The Founder Of WeWork

Adam fucking Neumann. The absolute worst. The buzz words, the bullshit, his oddly feminine facial features while also being 6'5. I can NOT stand this guy. Nobody in the history of Earth has failed upwards more than this guy. I am not a jealous person by nature. The only time I ever truly root for someone's failure is if one of my friend's teams are doing well. Like...I don't want to see a happy White Sox Dave riding on double decker bus during a world series parade. Other than that though...I want people to do well. Not like this though. Adam Neumann did nothing but bullshit his entire life and then somehow manage to trick the entire investment world into giving him MILLIONS of dollars because he used the right combination of a stupid haircut, words like "change", "growth", "tech", "wellness", and "community" to make people think a simple real estate idea was actually going to change the world. Fuck him and the people who gave him money for nothing. 

And...if that wasn't enough....

This is a guy who never ran a company that made a nickel of profit, but managed to secure himself a buyout package from Wework right around a total of $500M. FUCK. HIM. I hate his guts and people just continue to give him money for his bullshit millennial CEO haircut. Can't stand it. Won't stand for it. I will be buying this shirt