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A Dude Got Tombstone Piledriven On Dana White's Contender Series Last Night

Last night, we saw another amazing episode of Dana White's Contender Series where all five winners on the card were reworded UFC contracts (and only one fight went to the cards) - but the moment a lot of people are still talking about this afternoon is the above TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER courtesy of welterweight Darius Flowers!

Slammed his ass down and then it took Gogoladze about three seconds to realize his shoulder was all popped outta place from it.

There was some chatter about whether this was legal or not, but I think it clearly was. As Laura Sanko said on commentary, Gogoladze was actively attempting a submission which makes this fair game, but even if he wasn't, Flowers didn't slam him directly on the crown of his head. It was moreso an upper back/shoulders landing - which is why the guy tapped and grabbed it right away!

I know Israel Adesanya was the first to pay tribute to The Undertaker this year, but after seeing this finish, he may have to pass the urn to Flowers for his next fight….

Some of my other favorite professional wrestling inspired moments in MMA include the infamous Walls of Jericho from FCC in 2017….

Kevin Wirth's Sweet Chin Music in LFA a year later….

Rampage Jackson's classic powerbomb KO….

….and even though it's not MMA, this step-up enziguri from a muay thai fight in 2018 is mind blowing to me on every watch….

Never forget - while jiu jitsu, wrestling, boxing, muay thai, and judo are all fine and dandy, professional wrestling is the most effective martial art in the world.