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Some Things: Watch Our Guy Andy Kennedy Surprise A Two-Time Cancer Survivor On The First Day Of Class With A Dream Offer

Hell yeah. It's no secret Andy Kennedy is one of our guys. That's what happens when you run in the crew of Bob Huggins. But UAB is Andy Kennedy. He played there, he coaches there, he's turned them into one of the best mid-major programs in the country. Hell, they have a legit chance to be ranked in the preseason this year. He's out taking transfers from high majors and recruiting while mixing it all together. That's how you get a Jelly Walker. That's how you deliver one of the most entertaining games in conference tournament week this past season. 

But this? This is what it's about man. This is why there's nothing like college sports. Kennedy shows up to Hutch Mohr's first day of class and surprises him with an offer to be a manager for the team. That's his dream. Mohr was a manager for his high school team and loves the sport. That's good enough in my book. You live and die with a team in college basketball I got a soft spot for you. Throw in the fact that Hutch dominated cancer's ass twice and that's a guy you want around your team. That's a guy that can help you out. 

So yes, some things are bigger than sports. Andy Kennedy showed that. Tony Toney showed that. Hutch shows that. Can't wait to see UAB in Philly for the first ever Barstool Sports Invitational: 

Oh and as always. Fuck cancer.