FULL RECAP BLOG: House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Was Another Stellar Hour Of TV And Further Proof That Thrones Is All The Way Back

I'll admit that I felt like an absolute idiot thinking there was a CHANCE that Thrones wasn't going to deliver after Benioff & Weiss crash landed the ending in Season 8. However the entire world knew Thrones was #BACK during the beautiful chaos that took place in House of the Dragon episode 1. And in case there were any stragglers, I think last night's episode took care of that with some of the more fucked up politicking we've seen, a dragon showdown, and oh yeah the credits coming back!

Not to be outdone, our very own super producer Nick Hamilton put together an opening intro for our Game of Stools podcast which caused my jaw to hit the floor and goosebumps to fill up my oversized body.

The fact Barstool doesn't have fully functioning internet at its headquarters yet also employs someone that can make that in a few days while also doing 986,163 different things is the true #BarstoolDifference.

Obligatory plug for this week's Game of Stools where we breakdown episode 2 with the Khaleesi of Corn, Trent.

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Some random thoughts from last night's episode:

- Seeing the episode was only 53 minutes had me feeling hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok, and flat out deceived. However after watching last night's episode, I don't think I could've done 5 more minutes of that drama since my heart is not anywhere near being in Thrones form after a couple of years off.

- Hand up, I went all in on House Hightower after episode 1 because they had a cool sigil, a decent name, and seemed like common folk thanks to a dad named Otto that is being played by the same actor that was this maniac in The Replacements.

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However after finding out that House Hightower is close with the maesters that I'm convinced killed at the very least the kings last baby along with the whole pimping out his daughter to her best friend's dad along with bringing a fucking sword to a dragon fight.

So I am officially OUT on House Hightower and have placed them very high on the Sus List.

- I thought George R.R. Martin was a sick puppy after all the murders, incest, and fucked up shit from 8 seasons of Thrones. But throwing a 12 year old girl into a marriage proposal was…actually right on brand for this sick son of a bitch.

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Finish the books, jerk (and thank you for all the other books, no matter how creepy they are)

- Hearing about the age difference was bad but seeing the height difference really hammered home how crazy it was.


I've seen that somewhere before…

Michael Wyke. Shutterstock Images.

Oh no, I probably pissed off a bunch of Yankees fans reminding them of this MVP race aided by trash cans, buzzers, or whatever tomfoolery was going on in Houston!

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- We are only two episodes into this series and I'm already cuncelling da Viserys.

Viserys is a good dude that you'd want your daughter to marry (when they are both of similar age obviously). But he is shit when it comes to politics and matters of love considering a girl stole his heart with a fucking dragon action figure. Grow up, Peter Pan. 

I'm not even being mean either since I lump myself as well as my guy Trent into the same kind of guy as Viserys.


- Speaking of the stone statue, I need a show to take place in Valyria before The Doom. I'm sure George R.R. Martin wants that all shrouded in mystery but it seems like such an incredible place that HBO would absolutely crush bringing to the small screen since even seeing the ruins of a fictional place took my breath away. Yes I am a massive nerd, both literally and figuratively.

- I don't blame Daemon for being passive aggressive towards his own family all these years. They gave him a glorified snake as a dragon with a bitch roar and told him to be happy about it.

Daemon was definitely gonna give his son his shitty snake dragon then take his son's bad ass Dreamfyre dragon whenever it hatched just like any good parent takes their kid's best Halloween candy then leaves them with the Good N' Plenty.

- That being said, I have to say I am starting to come around on Daemon. He may seem like a motherfucker, potentially in more ways than one because he's a Targaryen. But he stirs shit up, may be more complex than we realize since he does seem to care about his family, and George R.R. Martin said Daemon was his favorite character to write. 

I'm not ready to call him My Guy like I did for Otto Hightower in episode 1 like an idiot. But I appreciate having a nuanced character like him, since I found Jaime Lannister to be one of the more fascinating characters in Thrones for the same reason.

- Rhaenyra is THAT CHICK for pulling this move right in her dumb dad's stupid face.


- Thrones being good again is awesome for a billion different reasons, with hypotheticals like that being right at the top of the list.

For more preposterous Thrones convos you won't hear anywhere else, including how the death of the Choco Taco was almost definitely a Thrones-esque political power play, watch/listen to last night's Game of Stools.