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Rich Rodriguez - Yep, That One - Is Claiming Stephen F. Austin Allegedly Sent Spies To Film His Team's Practice Before Their Game This Week

Goddamnit it feels good to be back. It feels good to know college football is starting this week and I'm pretty sure I now have moved Jacksonville State vs Stephen F. Austin to the top of my watch list. Bad blood is here. Rivalry week is starting in Week 0. Rich Rodriguez - yeah, the same one who was going to take the Alabama job and eventually coached Michigan - is accusing a team of sending spies to film his practice.

Love it. Basically this scene coming to life: 

They're standing around Butz! 

I love that this is happening though. We're talking D-I AA football. There are no rules - at least there shouldn't be. Let teams spy. It's 2022. Pretty sure half of practices are leaked on Twitter and YouTube these days anyways. I frankly love the idea of Rich Rod sitting around losing his shit with his coaches. Gotta change up the signals. Gotta change the plays. 

Even funnier is the thought of Stephen F. Austin's coach recruiting someone for espionage. It's college football in a nutshell and why no matter what happens this sport will always rule. 

Oh and shocking that the biggest guy on the Jacksonville State staff is a strength coach. Pretty sure the guy was waiting for a moment to attack a spy. Strength and conditioning coaches live for confrontation.