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Tommy Lee Told His Fans To Whip Out Their Dicks At His Concert

CNN - Tommy Lee has an explanation as to why his Instagram followers recently saw a lot more of him.

In a video posted on the rocker's verified Twitter account, he is seen talking to the audience at the Mötley Crüe concert held over the weekend in San Antonio, Texas.

"A couple of weeks ago, we had like a two-week break off the tour, and I went on a motherf***ing bender, bro," Lee told the crowd.

That bender led to the full frontal selfie, he said, before going on to encourage his male concert goers to expose themselves.


I fucking love Tommy Lee. He's never given a fuck about a single thing in his life, but in the best of ways. Everyone in the world has seen his dick...and if you haven't, well you will before you die. But the thing about Tommy Lee that rules is he doesn't only want you to see his penis...he wants to see yours too! He's an equal opportunity dick man.


I love that he specified he's a titty man. Like no shit Tommy, we've seen Pam and Tommy. We're very aware of your love of the titty. But the best part of all this was Tommy asking a guy in the crowd to whip out his hog, which turned the guy into an instant meme.



Call me old fashioned but if Tommy Lee wants to see your penis, you show Tommy Lee your penis. It'd be like Picasso asking to see you paint. Lee is maybe one of the only people who could ask to your dick and it wouldn't be considered gay, it's the ultimate compliment. 

Tommy Lee is what it means to be a rock star. Benders, sex tapes, and loud music. Will the world see another Tommy Lee? Or are we just stuck with MGK? Because let's face it fellas, if MGK wants to see your dick, it's just not as cool.