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Stu Feiner's Trillion Dollar Idea: A Barstool Gambling Elementary School

New episode is live with Stu Feiner who claims to be a brand new man this Advisors season.  He's sober, dieting, and says he will be less vulgar and not wish death on players.  It will probably last two weeks.  He also pitched what he called a trillion dollar idea of a Barstool elementary school system.  Other topics include: Gaz's gum chewing getting me into a Twitter war and why it might all actually be Mintzy's fault.  Penn is officially buying 100% of Barstool. Will anything change?  How Rough N' Rowdy performed versus expectations.  Jersey Jerry is a rat.  Kayce is pregnant.  Francis is officially back. The Rock loves Meatball Molly.  Plus House of Dragons and the Manti Te'o doc. 

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