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The Buffalo Bills Are Going To Stink In 2022

I'll start this blog off by saying that this is clickbait 101. No, I do not think that the Buffalo Bills are actually going to be bad this season. The purpose of this blog is actually to do Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott a favor. He went on today's Pardon My Take to reconnect with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter and discussed the upcoming NFL season, the rollercoaster of the Bills-Chiefs playoff game, which head coaches he could beat up, and much more.

Another topic the guys brought up was regarding all of the positive buzz regarding the Buffalo Bills, which brings us to this blog. Everyone has been hyping up the 2023 Super Bowl favorites, but Coach McDermott requested that we even things up a little bit, and that is what we are here to do today. Here is how everything unfolded on today's show...

Mr. Cat: Are you a little worried? Like, how do you deal with the expectations? Because you guys are, I think you might be favorites to win it all. Everyone's talking about the Bills, this is the year - how do you go in and reset all that? Because it does feel like the entire media and everyone is picking the Bills and hyping you guys up. So, you tell us, because we will be your mouthpiece. We will diminish you guys and put you guys down as much as you want us to to help kind of damper all the media hype.

Sean McDermott: Yeah, can you do that? Can you just tell everybody we stink? We're not going to be any good. No, this is, we've been here five, going on year six now. So, I think is what you try and do. You try and build a program from the ground up and get it to where, you know, you're respected in the league and respected on the field. And here we are. 

Sean McDermott: And I think it's great for our fans that have, you know, were around in particular in the early 90s when this team was, and those Super Bowls with Coach Levy and Jim Kelly and all of those guys. So, now it's back and it has taken a lot of work. But we're excited about the season, and I would say, too that, you know, when you're trying to do things right, you're trying to work to a standard, new expectations, if you will, don't really come into play because those expectations, we've always had for ourselves, you know, whether it's on the field or off the field, you know, we always try to do things a certain way. 

Sean McDermott: So, "Why should that change now?" is the way we look at it. So, we love it, we love the excitement that's in our community because of it, and around Bills Mafia. So, I think we just embrace it. And also, our players learned from last season, you know, expectations were increasing at that point as well. So, the last couple of years, it really helped in that regard.

Mr. Commenter: That makes sense. Our producer, Hank, is a natural Bills hater because he's from New England, so we'll just give him more of a platform, and to expand on his Bills hatred. That way, it's not all rat poison for you guys, as Nick Saban would say. We're giving you some rat shit, too.

Sean McDermott: Yeah, I've heard that from Coach Saban before, I think that's a good term rat poison. 

Mr. Commener: Yeah, you guys are getting a lot of rat poison. There are a lot of people in the national media that are saying, "Okay, you guys… just hate them the Super Bowl," and they're forgetting that it's very, very difficult to get there. You guys are definitely capable of it, but it is, to a certain degree, rat poison.

Well, there you have it. The Buffalo Bills are going to stink in 2022 (but not really). I'm sure plenty of people are going to be offended by this "take" in the headline. Little do they know. A Super Bowl parade in that city would be absolutely insane. Wingnutz for everyone!