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Nick Saban Signs An 8-Year, $94 Million Contract Keeping Him At Alabama Through 2029

Kirby Smart's new contract was the best thing that could have happened to Nick Saban. The Alabama coach signed a new eight-year deal worth $94 million to reclaim his title as the highest-paid coach in college football.

It's not really much of an extension — Saban's previous contract already ran through February 2029 — but it puts Saban back on the throne, which he absolutely deserves. Once Smart got the bag from Georgia to the tune of 10 years and $112.5 million, you knew it was only a matter of time until Saban got his new contract.

Even at nearly $12 million a year, Saban is wildly underpaid. If he were to hit the open market, some school would find $20 million in the couch cushions to get him — and that would still be a great deal. His value to a football program and university as a whole is incalculable.


So if anyone thought you were getting rid of the College Football Grim Reaper anytime soon, enjoy the next eight seasons.