Somehow Dan Campbell's Legend Keeps Growing With This Story About Coffee, Tobacco And Wanting Opponents To Think He's Dumb

[Source] - He famously says good morning with a Venti Starbucks coffee with two shots of espresso, followed by another, for a total of 820 milligrams of caffeine (one cup of coffee has 95 mg). The Copenhagen long cut he buys from 7-Eleven down the street — the owner started carrying it expressly for him — adds to the buzz.

“My coffee and my tobacco, I want to taste it,” he says. “No cream or sugar, and I don’t want wintergreen. Straight up.”

Campbell doesn’t do image control.

“It doesn’t bother me,” he says. “If you’re an opponent, the dumber you think I am, the better off we are.”

I didn't think it was possible for Dan Campbell to sound more like a football guy or a MAN, but this does it. The line about no cream or sugar or wintergreen shows he's (I hate this fucking line) built different. Dan Campbell getting his own tobacco distributor though is about right. You don't become the head coach of the Lions and beloved in the city without getting some perks. This is basically his free t-shirt. 

But I do love and want to talk about the second part of it all. Everyone knows Dan Campbell is a rah-rah guy. Former player, the way he carries himself, all that stuff. But he doesn't care. He's right too. He's not a dumb guy. He knows the game. But if people want to view him as this dumb jock, he's going to ram it down your throat. Watching Hard Knocks and reading about him it's clear he cares about the game. He works his ass off. 


That said, is it shocking that he goes the multiple large coffee? Of course not. I assume Dan Campbell runs on black coffee, dip and cools it down at night with a couple cold beers. Wouldn't have guessed the gelato just like I wouldn't have guessed he had a couple Yorkies. 

I just don't understand how you can hate the Lions or cheer against them. Sure, if they play your team, but not if you're just watching Red Zone and they are playing the Falcons or some shit like that.