Jaguars Waive Lone Kicker Ryan Santoso And Currently Have No Kickers On The Roster Which Seems Pretty Bad Going Into Week 3 of the Preseason

I'm not gonna say much here because I refuse to write more than a couple of words about the kicking situation for our beloved Jagaurs. Honestly, I'm tired of this distraction and the kicking teams in Jacksonville. Whether it's my friend Josh Lambo getting punted by Urban Meyer or all three kickers getting punted from the team this year except for the punters, I'm just over it. Now is simply not the time. Not with everyone in the league hemming and hawing about our revamped defensive line, the new blood at linebacker, and the unreal addition of Christian Kirk at a low price, so this is the last thing we need right now. We need to be lazer focused on getting back to 7-10 or 8-9. We are closer than people think to barely being below .500. If that happens, look out. 

That being said, it had to be done. This guy could kick in a mile but it would often go a mile in directions that he did not intend. To me, that seemed bad all preseason long but I'm just a handsome dude who types shit on a MacBook pro. I'm not a super bowl winning head coach like Doug Pederson. But, like me, Doug Pederson decided that missing a game-winner against the Steelers by about 6k nautical miles was enough to roll the dice that there's another person who might get it close to the field goal posts or at least on the current side of the field. There's plenty of time to find a kicker. I'm not worried about it AT ALL!