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I Regret To Inform You That Precisely Zero (0) Beers Can Be Consumed Out Of The New PLL Championship Trophy

When the Chaos won the PLL Championship last year, they put on a clinic on how to properly celebrate winning a title. The fellas crushed approximately a zillion beers out of the championship trophy within the span of 30 minutes. But no more than 35 minutes into their time with the trophy, the gentlemen already shattered the thing. 

Turns out that giving a bunch of lacrosse players unlimited beers in the locker room with a glass trophy was an ill-advised plan. Who could have ever seen that one coming? 

Either way, the league needed a new trophy for this season. So just like a husband who screwed up big time and now his wife is giving him the silent treatment back home, the PLL went to Tiffany's to get a new trophy. 

Now as far as looks go, this thing is absolutely beautiful. Downright majestic. Especially if they keep adding base layers to it as the years go by like they do with the Stanley Cup. As far as looks go, it's hard for this to be anything but a 10/10. It's crisp, it's clean, it's sleek, it's spicy. 

The only issue? Well unless the boys get really creative with this one, it looks like they'll be able to gas a grand total of zero beers out of this trophy. Which is an absolute shame because nothing brings the boys together after winning a championship like deleting a case of cold ones together out of the cup or jug or whatever other type of receptacle the trophy is designed as. So the trophy is a 10, but you just can't drink out of it. Hopefully the league makes up for that by putting a 2 liter of Pink Whitney waiting in every player's locker when they get back in after winning the damn thing on September 18th.