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A Pair Orca Serial Killers are Going Around Murdering Great White Sharks

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about this incredible drone footage that brought us a rare glimpse into the horrifying and yet compelling power of nature. The struggle to survive is the basis of all life on this beautiful, fragile planet. And even at it's most violent and terrible, there is an awe-inspiring beauty to it. Creatures crawl the ocean floor, and fish eat them. Seals eat fish. Sharks eat seals. Orcas eat sharks. Orcas die, sink to the floor and are eaten by the bottom feeders. 

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But even the cruel, majestic reality of those whales devouring that shark is just a misdemeanor compared to the Orca-on-shark crime spree that's been going on all around us. 

Mirror - A duo of terrifying killer whales are on a grisly rampage after a dead Great White Shark was found washed ashore. 

The rogue predators, who are believed to work as a team … have developed a taste for the fatty highly nutritious livers weighing up to 600lbs inside the Great Whites.

And the black-and-white beasts have come up with a unique way of getting to their victims prized organ - by launching repeated attacks until the shark tires.

 As one dives under for the kill attacking from beneath with its jaws full of serrated teeth ripping open the Great White with surgical precision under the liver.

The organ falls free and the killer whales devour what to them is a delicacy and so far 9 Great White Shark carcasses have washed up minus their giant livers.

In the latest incident a butchered nine-foot female Great White was washed up at Mossel Bay, Western Province, South Africa, in the dawn surf at the tourist spot.

Local resident Cristiaan Stopforth said: “It was just so sad to see this amazing majestic animal lying there lifeless due to these Orcas - this is the second in two months".

Marine biologist Alison Towner said: “In having to conduct necropsies on all shark carcasses in South Africa it is sad and never gets any easier”.

For starters, Cristiaan Stopforth and Alison Towner can knock it all the way off with this sympathy crap. You don't have to be a South Africa resident or a marine biologist to know your place in the food chain. Step into the domain of those sharks and you're just another chicken tender on their All You Can Eat buffet. And spare us your weeping about having to do a half-assed autopsy on a shark. See how you feel when you cut one open and a little boy spills out all over the dock. It's a lot harder doing one on a human victim where her torso has been severed in mid-thorax, there are no major organs remaining, her right arm has been severed above the elbow with massive tissue loss in the upper musculature, and there is partially denuded bone remaining. So save your tears for that, sob sister. 

Instead, let us celebrate nature's great spectacle. Life doesn't play favorites. There are no rules trying to even the playing field. No referees trying to keep the game close. It's a pure meritocracy. The strong survive, the weak end up on the menu. It's magnificent in it's simplicity. These two Orcas are not only the biggest and meanest, they're the smartest. They understand the value of working together. There is no "I" in "T-E-A-M." But there are four in "Shark liver is fucking delicious." So they feast while these dumbass cold-blooded loners have no idea what hit them. 

Just to go back to Matt Hooper one more time (because I'm never really more than a couple of seconds from making a Jaws reference in any situation), he calls the Great White "a perfect eating machine." But to an Orca, they're "the perfect machine for eating." And one of these days, we're going to need Steven Spielberg to do a summer blockbuster about these miracles of evolution who are going around straight up murdering these sons of bitches like they're sardines. Working title: "Free Killy." 

Let's just hope they don't figure out how to use this technique on humans. Until they do, I'm going to keep destroying my liver so I'm not a target.