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Sam Ehlinger Has Put In The Work And Needs Some More Shine With The Colts

Justin Casterline. Getty Images.

I have been a proponent of Sam Ehlinger for a long time. Last year after lighting it up in the preseason, he, unfortunately, suffered a knee injury that prevented his unstoppable rise in the Colts' depth chart. 

This year, a healthy Ehlinger has risen. An Ehlinger that has not only honed his craft in the offseason but has put up the statistics in the past two preseason games to warrant serious consideration.

Sam's progress has become unignorable. The QB ranks 1st among all QBs in more than 20 attempts and draws many comparisons to a young Drew Brees. 

This is what I am proposing. Sam Ehlinger has the youth, swagger, determination, and confidence that you seek in a franchise QB. Maybe he is not just ready yet to be a franchise QB, but on a roster with aging QBs like Matt Ryan and Nick Foles, wouldn't trading Foles for value in other parts of your roster with developing the future be beneficial? Why wouldn't you take a guy like Sam Ehlinger and make him QB2 while trading Foles to the Texans or Seattle for some value while letting Ehlinger get reps with the 2s. Matt Ryan isn't lasting much longer in the league. Why not try to develop a young QB that you didn't need to waste much draft equity on. He's overperforming and outperforming many QBs in his draft class. Why not take a chance on a QB2 roster spot and pick up some weapons for Foles? Big Dick Nick still has value on the trading block. 

I mean, this guy is electric.