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Bragging Rights In New York Rest On Taijuan Walker's Shoulders

When Interleague play was first announced , I remember exactly where I was. On a school field trip to Yankee Stadium where they handed out a small  magazine/ flyer to all those in attendance and wrote about Randy Johnson facing off against Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey JR facing Hideo Nomo ,and of course the Yankees facing the Mets. 

Over the years, the rivalry has always been eventful and had it's memorable moments. Most notably, Clemens and Piazza going toe to toe in the Subway Series in 2000 with each of them almost hitting each other with a bat. 

I personally always thought it was bullshit the Mets played the Yankees 6 times a year in the height of interleague play when The Braves got to play the Orioles 6 times. It was even worse when The Mets were battling for a division or a playoff spot, and needed every game possible. 

This year is one of the best seasons in New York baseball of all time. The Mets and Yankees each have one of the best records in the majors, each have World Series aspirations. The Mets took the first 2 of the series this year, and the Yankees bested Max Scherzer last night, making tonight's game a push or potentially series win for The Mets.  That pressure falls of Taijuan Walker and not even being a homer, I think he delivers. The Mets +108 are my dog of the day.

We discuss dogs of the day, best bets, and the rest of the MLB board on today's Hot Ice: 

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