Understandable: Ryan Reynolds Claims Blake Lively Is Now Obsessed With His Wrexham Club After Watching A Match With David Beckham

[Source] - And while Ryan’s actress wife Blake Lively doesn’t feature in the documentary, he says she is just as enthralled with the rollercoaster.

He adds: “We all went to the FA trophy match with David Beckham and it was wild to watch it through his eyes. It was interesting to hear his analysis. Blake is obsessed with it now as well. After the match we were lying in bed and she said, ‘I get it’.”

I don't blame Blake Lively for this. I blogged previously about how she wasn't exactly thrilled Reynolds invested in a 5th-tier Welsh soccer club. 

But now with 'Welcome to Wrexham' premiering this week and a little bit of a PR tour, we're finding out more about the purchase and development. I'm fascinated by it. Not exactly a hot take to see it's fascinating to watch two beloved actors try and turn a 5th-tier club into something of note. Like they keep saying Wrexham is the 3rd oldest club in the world. The trailer for the show looks simply amazing: 

Now, it's not exactly shocking that it took the FA Trophy Final at Wembley with David Beckham there to sell Lively. You try selling that sort of level of a sport to a significant other. In fact I'd enlist David Beckham for any sort of thing to get my wife obsessed with it. David Beckham is a good looking dude. Women seem to like him. He appears to be a guy that can convince them things are fun. Might bring him around for a random ass Tuesday college basketball game. 

I keep saying it but I hope we see Wrexham get promoted. I'm all in on them and the docu-series. Moral of the story is simple. Have awesome friends, marry a smoke, bring her around David Beckham and you're set for life. Pretty awesome life, gotta admit. 

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