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Not Sure Whether To Alert All Of The Authorities Imaginable Or Give This Man The Nobel Prize

With one hand I have Jack Bauer on speed dial about to be called to take out our nation's next greatest threat, and with the other I've got the board of directors for the Nobel Prize ready to hear the new discovery my eyes have just laid upon. I don't know what I'm even looking at here. At first I thought he was using the hotdog as a straw incubator of sorts to get the hotdog smell while also the straw's talents at the same time. Then I watched more and more only to realize the hotdog had become the straw. 

You can even see him turn his back to his row, not wanting them to see his innovation. A man ahead of his time or someone who knows he should be in prison for life? You decide. 

The human species is truly incredible, and even more specific Yankee fans are one of a kind. Big night at the stadium and you've got this beer-drinking-through-a-hot-dog specimen in attendance at the same time as someone like Barstool OG smokeshow Faryn Corey. What a world we live in. 

Love how sports brings us all together.