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Gillie Is Without Question The Best Hooper At Barstool After Putting On A Show In The Big 3 And Winning MVP

Barstool has not been known for our elite basketball talent. 

Some of our biggest modern day (so excluding Dana B who averaged a double-double in high school) triumphs have been KMarko's legendary dunk on a nerf hoop.

Pat from Out & About putting the Chippewas on his back to win vs. the original Barstool pick-up team, and Big Cat nailing these two clutch free throws, down one with no time left last week.

But I saw on Instagram that Gillie from Million Dollaz Worth of Game was playing in The Big 3 celebrity game and I got excited. I've seen clips of Gillie hooping and he's looked good.

And he's looked better in a real game, but we haven't seen extended footage of the man who goes by Damian Gillard.

But after seeing these clips, I am legitimately wow'd. I'm 36 years old and got winded very recently shooting around. Gillie is two years older than me and just washing guys that are legitimately trying.

These guys are bigger than him, stronger than him, and way younger than him and he's just waxing em' all! Taking em to the rack, dishing, boarding, stroking it from deep!

And when they tried to get up on him, he can just take these guys straight to the rack and finish with touch.

He got so cocky he was even giving the other team the Steph Curry treatment.

Our guy Gillie took home the MVP award after finishing with 19 points on 7/11 shooting (63% FG) including four 3-pointers and firmly cementing himself as the best hooper at Barstool.

Shoutout to Gillie aka Damian Gillard for putting on and making Barstool look athletic. And if you're not familiar with Gillie, check him out with his hilarious cousin Wallo on Million Dollaz Worth of Game. They get terrific guests and this week had Cam'Ron on.