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So It Turns Out Barstool's Newest Hire Is A Full Time Chain Guy

Thanks to Barstool Rookie John Rich for joining this week's snake draft. Normally we hold higher standards than Just Showing Up but this week's show had unique scheduling circumstances. We were very close to an old fashioned 4-man shootout due to multiple unforeseen circumstances with other committed guests. That's when John Rich stepped up to the plate and quite literally responded to the (phone) call. Before we even get to John Rich's* performance, his attendance should be noteworthy in a world where 99% of the battle is just showing up. 

That said, I'm still trying to process the fact that John Rich is a Chain Guy. And not just your standard run-of-the-mill patron saint Chain Guy invoking the protection of St. Michael or the like. But rather a single, secular, oversized, flexible series of interconnected metal links for the sole purpose of FASHION. The kind of neck metal that drives the babes wild. I've seen it a thousand times but on 30 year-old budding internet superstar John Rich? 


One look at John Rich and you know this isn't a bit or prop-based content. This is actually just a guy who thought he needed a chain before Barstool Idol so he bought one and started wearing it. 

Now he can't take it off.

Personally I can't wear a chain, even ironically. If something can be purchased from a Jeweler or a derivative peddler then that's something I shouldn't own. 

But this blog isn't about me. It's about John Rich and his Snake Draft debut today. First time working on a show with the guy and it's my professional opinion it turned out great. Plenty of contentious insights and an appropriate amount of blunt shit talking. Those are the two key factors when giving our guests their post-show performance review and John Rich exceeded expectations in both categories. 

As for the picks, go listen to the draft so I don't get sent to the gulag for spoiling picks. We're still in the release window and I can't take that risk. Although I will say Dookie is a better cover than American Idiot. I'm not trying to die much less climb a hill in the process of defending myself. But that's my take for the week and I'll bury any opposition with lukewarm passion. 

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*John Rich is a one-word name. I know it's two words. But you never say one without the other. He's not John. He's not Rich. I won't even accept a J-Rich. If you're talking John Rich, you say John Rich and that's not up for debate.

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