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There's A New Happy Gilmore Of Disc Golf After This Ridiculous 611 ft Hole In One


That's what banging chains is all about, baby. Just getting out there with the boys and unleashing some nukes. Big time players step up in big games. This Caleb Hall cat had a 611' straightaway par 4 ahead of him and knew he had to step up and make something happen. Something to really get the fellas hootin' and hollerin'. He had to step up and deliver the greatest toss of his life. And the young man delivered a heatseeking missile from hell. 

I don't know much about disc golf. The most I ever toss a frisbee is if I'm playing KanJam. So I don't know how much luck is involved with draining an ace. So the thought of throwing a disc 600+ feet through the air in general seems impossible to me. And to then not only launch the disc that far, but to get it perfectly on target like that? Well that's a bad mama jamma right there. I don't know what's customary tradition after a disc golf hole-in-one. I don't know if it's drinks for the clubhouse like in regular golf or anything like that. My guess is vape rips for everybody. So here's to hoping this dude and his all crew got to blow some of the fattest clouds the world has ever seen after this ace. He earned every bit of it after a throw like that.