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Everything Is Fine: Man U Had To Cancel Today's Pre-Match Team Meeting Because So Many Fans Are Gathering To Protest The Owners

[Source] - MANCHESTER UNITED have CANCELLED their traditional pre-match meet at The Lowry Hotel due to safety fears ahead of Monday night's clash against Liverpool.

Thousands of Red Devils fans are expected to protest against the Glazers today in an attempt to put pressure on the club for a change of ownership.

And United fans will be making their voices heard on Monday following back-to-back Premier League defeats and an underwhelming transfer window.

United's change of preparations won't stop fan protests as they are expected to make their presence known outside Old Trafford from 6pm. There also plans for there to be an "Empty Old Trafford" for tonight's fixture which is intended to highlight their anger towards the Glazers.

I know the Naked Gun gif is overused, but it's basically the only way to correctly sum up Man U right now. 

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Look! They even have a shiny new player! 

I've said it before, but to say Man U fans hate the Glazers is an understatement. To say they are shitty owners is an understatement. So now you have the one of the biggest name matchups in the Premier League with Liverpool heading to Old Trafford today. Everyone wants to do another Glazers Out protest. 

It's gotten to the point that Klopp even said if the match gets cancelled he wants Liverpool to get all 3 points (shocking). It's happened before. I mean we saw a match get suspended last year. The fact is they are planning on dealing with thousands upon thousand of protestors. Now I don't know how trying to annoy the team helps. You're still a fan. You want them to win. You can't tank in soccer. 

Everything is fine for Man U. Just another day in Manchester. And yes, I call them Man U. I don't care if it's 'disrespectful.' I'm not a Man U fan. I don't care to call them Manchester United or whatever else they 'accept.' It's Man U. Can't be in last place in the Premier League and try to tell people what to call you.