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This High School Executed A PERFECT Hook And Ladder For A Walk-Off Touchdown

I fucking love high school football. There are a handful of games across the country every week where you'll see something better than in any college or NFL game all season and the kids playing treat every game like it's life and death. That's what football is supposed to be.

Westerville Central High School (OH) opened its season Friday against Westerville North — starting the season with a rivalry game rocks — and had enough time left in the fourth quarter for one play from its own 28-yard line down by three points. That's when the Warhawks reached into their bag of tricks and pulled out a beautifully designed hook and ladder for a 72-yard walk-off touchdown.

I would like to ask Westerville North's defensive coordinator why the deepest defenders are 12 yards from the line of scrimmage in a Hail Mary/trick play scenario, but I'm glad that was the case as it gave us this moment.

Football rocks. It's good to be back.