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Tom Brady's Reason For His 11 Day Absence Makes Perfect Sense

Tom Brady returns today after an 11 day hiatus that had people wondering what could possibly be wrong? Did he have a family emergency? Was he going on The Masked Singer? The theories were endless, but at the end of the day, GOAT or not, Tom Brady is a normal guy.


Let us not forget, the guy was retired for 40 days! In that time, it's very logical that he may have booked some vacation time with the family!

But just like normal jobs if you leave and come back, or even start a new gig: if you have a vacation already booked for a certain time frame, you let your employer know! Tom Brady did the exact same thing with the Bucs as they've said this was a pre-arranged absence from the team. Now if you want to start saying that Tom just bought non-refundable tickets, that makes this guy even more relatable! 

Tom Brady…just a regular dude.