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There Needed To Be A Full-On Brawl After This Outrageous Goal Celebration

[Source] - Portimonense attacker Yago Cariello Ribeiro performed the controversial goal celebration following his late winner against Vitoria.

The two Portuguese top flight clubs looked like they were going to play out a 1-1 draw.

But Ribeiro had the final say of the match when got in front of his man and glanced his header into the far corner.

The 23-year-old Brazilian then grabbed the corner flag and pretended to shoot at rival fans.

You can't just go around pretending to shoot rival fans. You can't take a flag out of the ground to do so. I do love the 'you know what? The fingers, not enough. Gotta REALLY get my point across with the flag.' Honestly it should have caused a full on brawl. I know some players were held back, but fans should have climbed onto the field. It should have been allowed. You pretend to shoot me after the game-winning goal, I'm going to fight you. Fair is fair. 

I mean is it a hilariously disrespectful celebration? Of course. But it's gotta lead to throwing hands. When your own teammates are even looking at you with a tilted head, you gotta know you're about to get punched. Take the 3 points and the goal, but you gotta get your ass beat. We're talking European soccer here over in Portugal. Fans there don't take shit talking likely. Gotta assume they don't take fake shooting lightly either. 

Kinda respect the fact he went on to keep celebrating after the dust up too. Man lives to taunt.