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Advanced Analytics: Eagles WR Devon Allen Is Fast As Heck

Jason Miller. Getty Images.

The Philadelphia Eagles have assembled a ridiculous receiving corps. There were a few years there where you'd go up and down the depth chart at WR and it was nothing but dog shit after dog shit after dog shit. But now they're able to run out DeVonta Smith, who is a freak. They are able to run out AJ Brown, who is a freak. And somehow neither of those two are the biggest freaks of the pack. That title belongs to the Olympian, Devon Allen. 

One of the fastest men on the planet. We're not talking football here, we're talking about in general. He should be a World Champion in the 110 hurdles right now if it were for track's silly little rules about being too fast off the starting block. Regardless, he'll be able to get his championship with the Eagles in February because how in the gosh darn frick do you expect anybody to stop this man? There's literally nothing within the rules you can do. He's going to be faster than anybody he ever goes up against, and the man can catch. Just launch the ball 80 yards down the field and he'll be there somewhere. Get used to see plenty of end zone hurdles this season.