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Even If You Hate Soccer You Have To Respect This Cocky Asshole's Crazy PK

I'm flabbergasted. That's not a word I use lightly or often. But that's how I feel watching this video. How can you not? First off, this dude is an asshole. He might be the biggest asshole in all of sports. Facts are facts there. You can't just pause over the ball like that without being a little bit of a dick. It goes with the cockiness. You have to plan on pulling this off all while practicing it. The more I think about it, the more that move sucks. Imagine being in practice and this guy trots up for the first time to take a PK. Surprised the manager didn't cut him on the spot. 

That's ultimately the end-all be-all though. You HAVE to make this. You can't miss the PK after standing over the ball like that. I can't believe the goalie didn't move at all during that. Unbelievable ability to stand still. Big time freeze tag winners here.  

If this ended in a fight I think everyone would understand.