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The Braves’ Radio Announcer Introduced Marcell Ozuna With The Line He Gave To The Cop During His DUI Arrest Last Week

Ben Ingram is an absolute legend for this.

In Marcell Ozuna’s first action back for the Braves since his DUI arrest, Ingram introduced the beleaguered outfielder with his greeting to the police officer who pulled him over.

Literally nobody wants to have to watch this guy play for the Braves. He’s terrible on the field and somehow worse off it. When the home team radio announcers are trolling you on the air, you’ve really lost everyone.

Atlanta can’t do much until the legal process plays out, so I guess for now we’ll just keep seeing sporadic shots of Ozuna on the bench and have him be an automatic out in the lineup once a week or so.

Ozuna struck out in his only two at-bats before being replaced by Eddie Rosario.