Cardinals Devil Magic is BACK! Albert Pujols Is 8 Home Runs Away From 700 And Has Suddenly Turned Into A MONSTER In The Second Half

What the Cardinals Devil Magic is happening with Albert Pujols? We all made jokes that he was a charity addition to the All Star game, it was a nice gesture as we thought Pujols would slowly fade off into the sunset. And then something happened (I'm not saying steroids, I'm for sure not saying steroids) and he suddenly turned into MVP Baseball 2004 cover guy Albert Pujols, not the Albert Pujols we were used to seeing. 

2 homers last night and that puts him at just 8 away from 700. I think at the beginning of the season we thought it was a pipe dream that he would get there in his last season, now he may get there by next week. He's crushing the ball. His season stats are damn good right now for a guy his age and his situation, .269 average, 13 home runs, .345 OBP, and an OPS of .858. That OPS is good for 9th in all of the NL. I mean that is pretty good. I kind of thought his career would end with him making some random spot starts in each visiting city just so they could say goodbye. Now the Cardinals are counting on him as they try and win their division. Who would have thought that Albert Pujols at the ripe age of 42(??) would be a main piece in leading the Cardinals to a division title in 2022. Insane. 

I mean he's hitting .438 in the second half with 7 home runs. We always say that the Home Run Derby breaks your swing, maybe it fixed Albert's? Oh yeah, he also casually went 4-4 yesterday. He's turned back into a monster, it's wild. But he said even if he doesn't get to 700 homers this season he's still going to retire. If he's up at the plate in game 162 sitting on 699 and they don't toss him an Evan Meek to Derek Jeter fastball I think people will lose it. We need Pujols to get to 700. Him retiring with 700 bombs right on the nose would be great. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that he gets to 700, just needs to stay hot a few more weeks. He'll def get the at-bats down the stretch because he's that damn good right now.


We thought this was a retirement tour, but we should have known better. That Devil Magic is working again and Pujols is back to his old ways. Guy is on a serious tear right now.