Rock, Flag And Eagle - America's Golden Generation Can't Stop Dominating The Sport Of Soccer


Look at this beautiful man. Correction - look at these beautiful men. A couple of Americans dominating the sport of soccer. Medford Messi and real Ted Lasso. I don't see an American making a dumbass play and getting the ball snagged from them to give up a goal. No sir. I see an American making a play. I see an American celebrating. If only Chelsea unleashed their American maybe they wouldn't be losing. 

Not only that but we have Aaronson out here scoring no look goals. That's class. That's why we call it soccer. That's why Leeds is turning into America's team with these two and Tyler Adams there. Shit trade (I know you can't) but trade for Pulisic at halftime. Leeds might fuck around and win the Premier League with that group. 

This is what we need though. We need guys like Aaronson getting all this run in the Premier League and be in shape for the World Cup. This is how we make a run at the World Cup. Getting out of the group is expected at this point. We need to make a run to the quarterfinals and even more at some point. Guys like Aaronson is how we get there. 

A+ celebration by Marsch in jeans too. America baby. You can't stop us. We're here. We're good at soccer.