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So You're Having A Baby...What Should You Do Next?

Hahaha jusssst kidding! Nothing like some parent to future parent goofing on this totally random Saturday night where I decided to write this blog since I have nothing else going on now that the kids are sleeping, even though I haven't gotten a good night's sleep since my daughter was born almost 8 years ago. Okay that's enough joking around because we are just having fun here.

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Anyway, as the longest-running Podfather at Barstool, I always get asked by people that decided to get into the child-birthing game which episode they should start with since they decided to avoid our happy little podcast until they needed it. My answer would always be Podfathers is like a game of Mario Kart because you can jump in whenever.

However, the real answer is to check out the first five episodes because Podfathers was founded on the principle that all the pregnancy books for guys sucked, so we would do a better job preparing you for the journey of the time your lady saw two lines appear on the stick she just peed on all the way to the time you get back from the hospital with a human you have to not screw up for the rest of your life.


So congrats to all the parents-to-be out there on this totally normal Saturday night on the blog and if you have any questions or wanna chop it up with me, Large, and Chaps on Podfathers (which is available on YouTube) just let us know!