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"House Of The Dragon" Premieres TONIGHT, The Reviews Have Been Spectacular, And We Have EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The New Game Of Thrones Show Before Episode 1 Airs (No Spoilers)

Hand up, I am writing this blog because I thought House of the Dragon was debuting next Sunday, August 28th for months. I had grand plans to do a full blown hype week of content diving into all things Thrones since Robbie and are going to recap every House of the Dragon episode on the My Mom's Basement YouTube live on Sunday night with some of our Barstool pals right after each episode airs on HBO since it looks like Game of Stools won't be brought back, at least as of yet.

I was gonna list out what we were hoping for the show, pick the brain of a super nerd that read the books to find out what we should expect, and go through the reviews of the fancy media people that get screeners. SPOILER ALERT, everyone fucking loves the show.

Nice to see we are setting the bar for this show at the two biggest shows on the planet over the last decade!

However, I noticed an uptick in reviews and other media companies promoting their Game of Thrones content on Saturday, which had me really confused considering there was still more than a week until the premiere.

Turns out I am an idiot. A fucking idiot. But you guys probably already knew that.

So instead of a full blown hype week, we are gonna settle for this hype blog along with a spoiler-free YouTube video from my go-to Thrones guy Alt Shift X that taught me about all things Westeros long before Benioff & Weiss ripped my heart out of my chest.

I know Thrones ended terribly other than the rightful king ascending to the throne (#Branwagon). But let's all hope that we can go back to a time where the content out of Westeros was top notch along with the live tweets that were only equal to major sporting events.

If you want to listen to myself and some of the other professional idiots talk about the show, subscribe to the My Mom's Basement YouTube for when we go live on Sunday night or listen to us the next day on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts along with whatever we throw on our TikTok.

Not sure if I'll have all the wonderful nicknames that Charlie Wisco blessed me with back in the day.